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The UOF team pooled its efforts once again building maps with Low Poly in mind.
These maps are the culmination of many months of intense work with a focus on custom content.
We're happy to share this work with the community on this our fourth map pack! We hope you enjoy our maps!

After the comments gathered in the UOF / Epic forums about issues in some maps
(forced music, music volume / sound effects to high, bots problems, etc.),
the UOF team release this 1.1 version which solves all of the reported issues & few small improvements.

Map Pack

This map pack contains 8 Low-Poly levels of different game modes.

Deathmatch / Team Deathmatch / Duel

DM-UOF-LP-Animus , by "DarK"
DM-UOF-LP-Atori , by Sebastien "NOVA"
DM-UOF-LP-Diabolical , by "Lord Porksword"
DM-UOF-LP-Genki , by McLogenog
DM-UOF-LP-Unlimited , by "DarK"

Capture the Flag / Greed / Betrayal

CTF-UOF-LP-Jigoku , by "DarK" / "McLogenog" / "NOVA"
CTF-UOF-LP-Rising , by "DarK"
CTF-UOF-LP-Tengoku , by "McLogenog"


Extract the UOF LP Map Pack.zip archive into :

If this folder is not currently on your system, you can safely create it.

If you have the files already, all of them will be overwritten with the 1.1 maps versions.


Click either of the above links to start the download!

Internal Coordination
Jonathan "DarK" Rutgers
S├ębastien "NOVA"
Steve "Stevelois" Loiselle

Level Designers
Jonathan "DarK" Rutgers
S├ębastien "NOVA"
Michael "Lord Porksword" Lomman
Andrew "McLogenog" Yoder

Official Announcement / Advertising / Compiling + Upload / Main Readme / Readme Template
Steve "Stevelois" Loiselle

Michael "Lord Porksword" Lomman

Credits to all our testers. In particular: 1xTrEmE, Archenar, Bl!tz, Cr4zy, DeathoX 8, Dieslot, mAlkAv!An, MauL, Odedge, Sly, Stevelois, Thrallala