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Resources, "one shalt not leveldesign without them".
Here is an extended overview of all the textures, tutorials, pictures, books, video's, or just straightforward people that helped me, or inspired me.

If I could include your links in my resources page, or you want to make a suggestion and/or comment about this page, then please contact me through the following.

Unreal - Leveldesigners

Steve Loiselle - Stevie's Corner
Scott Coxhead - Cr4zyb4st4rd
Andrew Yoder - McLogenog
Sjoerd de Jong - Hourences
Ben Bukart - Evilmrfrank
Jos Hendriks - Sjosz
Sebastien Nova - NOVA
Odedge - Odedge Gaming

Forums / Websites / Level Reviews

Unreal Old Friends - UOF Forum
Epic Games - Epic Games Forum
iAMGaming - iAMGaming
World of Leveldesign - World of Level Design

Anton Kassimov - The Master Foundry
UTUnlimited - UTUnlimited
Marty's Carnage Company - Marty's Carnage Company
Galaxy Pugs - Galaxy Pugs (Unreal Tournament 3 Multiplayer Com.)

Map Packs for Unreal Tournament 3

Hardcore Oldschool Low Poly Map Pack 1 - HOLP 1
Hardcore Oldschool Low Poly Map Pack 2 - HOLP 2
Hardcore Oldschool Low Poly Map Pack 3 - HOLP 3

Competitive Map Pack - COMP
Competitive Map Pack 2 - COMP 2

Community Bonus Pack Vol. 1 - CBP3 Vol. 1
Community Bonus Pack Vol. 2 - CBP3 Vol. 2
Community Bonus Pack Vol. 3 - CBP3 Vol. 3
Community Bonus Pack Vol. 4 - CBP3 Vol. 4
Community Bonus Pack Vol. 5 - CBP3 Vol. 5


If you would still like to request were I get my textures from,
please do not hesitate to contact me through the Contact form. Thanks.